What is the role of copper in cars for cash

Cooper is one of the metal which gets used directly as it is found from earth. Copper is a very useful metal in cars, it offers the most strong or lucrative nature which plays an important role in building a solid structure. Due to the huge demand for copper in various industries, many recycling services provide cash for car. The most important usage of cooper is to prevent corrosion, it turns green for this process. it is an old fashioned metal as compared to other metals. Copper has huge properties that make it more useful than other metals in cars also copper gets used in various manners.
Properties of copper (how copper works in the car)
  1. High electric conductive
Copper has higher electrical conductivity as compared to other metals, that’s the reason why copper is highly used in wires. copper wires are used to wrap car motors, to prevent it from any major electric sparks.
2.            Huge thermal conductivity
Copper is highly thermal conductive in nature, it is used in car radiators for cooling the car engines to prevent it from high heat during driving.
3.            Good in corrosion resistance
Due to road environment cars must have good corrosion resistance, which is very important for driving for brake tubes.
4.            Good bearing properties
Copper alloy works best with moving parts. It provides a surface to the not to stick with the oil or grease.it also works as a bearing.
Because of its many properties copper is in high demand as compared to other metals.
How Recycling of copper takes place in cars
Car radiators made up of copper wires and it is used in cars in a huge amount. During the recycling, process recyclers found it in good amount with high purity. Due to getting copper into the large or pure amount many automobile manufacturers or other industries makes huge demand for getting copper from cars, they even provide huge facilities to the customer who sells copper which present in their backyard or even small household copper elements and get cash for carsinstantly.  
How much copper get from cars 
Millions of cars get into recycling every year, through which we obtain a large amount of copper as copper is the most used metal in cars or due to its vast properties coper is highly in demand.
Copper and copper alloy have a unique combination of properties which makes a vast range of applications in cars and other automobiles.the average weight of copper available in cars in the range about 15 kilos to 28 kilos approx. 
How to get to copper from cars
There are various processing done for extracting cooper from cars in a step by step manner-
1.dismanteling – Parts get separated from the car.
2.depolluting – extract all the harmful fluids from the car. 
3.shreding – shred the parts into processable pieces for further processing. 
4.vaccum treatment – this treatment extract all the non-metallic things from the car’s part.
5. Magnet treatment – it helps to extract the iron component from the parts.
6.density separation of copper 

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