How you should sell your car privately?

Admin 6th Apr 2020

When your car has issues repeatedly then finally the time comes to say bye to your old, rusted car. You can sell in many ways and that totally depends on you. You can sell to a car dealer, trade-in, via auction or sell privately. All have different pros and cons, so before picking anyone make sure what you can get from there by selling your vehicle. Few things that are common while dealing with any of them to make a safe car selling:

  • Prepare all the documents
  • List a few alternatives,
  • Get a maximum quotation from different parties
  • Deal with reliable and trustworthy buyers

Here I am pointing some details about private car selling:

Prepare your car before selling

If you are expecting more cash for car then you need to know in what condition you are dealing with it. You should inspect the suspected part or components you are worried about. By fixing the minor issue or replacing the non-working components you may get a heavy price in return. There are a few common problems you should inspect:

  • Brake and suspension problem
  • Engine problems
  • Motor problem
  • Minor dent or scratches
  • Tyre puncture

With the higher mileage vehicle, these issues are common and can be resolved easily. But again it is up to you either fix them by spending money from your pocket or let the buyer beware.

Due to some reason, you can let the vehicle trade-in as it is, like:

  1. When the repair expenses cost you more
  2. Due to lack of time you want to sell it fast

So while preparing the car you need to keep few things in mind:

  • Take your personal belonging out of the vehicle
  • Wash the external part so that it will look clean and fresh
  • Collect all the documents you have, maintenance history, logbook, RWC

Advertise your car for maximum exposure

If you want cash for cars then you have to advertise your car at it's best. For this, you have to take a few steps, first, capture some exterior images. Zoom out some highlighted features which can attract the buyers. Same with the interior side, capture some classy pictures from inside the car. Now you can use any tool or application to filter the pictures to advertise the car for sale. Before putting the ad online you need to set the price as per all the parameters.

A well set and high-visibility ad should attract interest in a short span of time.

Make sure pick the prospective buyer

Nowadays it’s more common to contact with prospective buyers either by email or call without preamble. But need to make sure you are dealing with a licensed car buyer so that you will have a safe deal. Most of the licensed car buyer in Australia offer free car removal. They accept all sort of vehicle, car, trucks, Caravan or even boats. If you are getting a guaranteed on the spot cash so there is no point to wait for more. Get rid of the old car instantly and sell it right away.

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